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Sunday, January 12, 2014


Have you ever heard the saying, "Bad Boys are are like dessert, they taste good, but are bad for you"?
Well, sugar is the baddest boy out there and you should stay as far away from it as possible. It is a TOXIC relationship to have. In fact, Sugar (refined sugar) should not even be considered a food, but rather a drug, which is why I personally refer to it as "Crack." If I even have a small taste of it, I want more and more of it. It's addicting and before you know it, you've become a full blown Sugar Addict.

Refined Sugar AKA "Crack"

Sugar does absolutely nothing good for you. Sugar will add extra pounds to your waistline and age your face faster than you know it.

Key Points to know about Sugar:
  • Refine sugar is common table sugar (sucrose)
    •        corn sugar (destrose)
    •        malt sugar (maltose)
    •        fruit sugar (fructose)
    •        milk sugar (lactose)
  • There is nothing "natural" about sucrose no matter what the food item claims.
  • Sugar eats up the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and weakens your immune system.
  • Sugar releases the same natural brain opioids released when shooting heroin, which is associated with euphoria and in return withdrawal symptoms. 
  • Sugar turns to fat; high fructose corn syrup metabolizes fat quickly and prevents the body from knowing it's full (that's how you ate the whole box of Big Island shortbread cookies in one sitting.) 
  • Cancer loves Sugar. Cancer cells can multiply rapidly and uses the the energy from glucose (sugar) to grow radically. 
  • Sugar helps tumors grow.
  • Sugar increases your insulin levels, which could result in Diabetes.
  • Sugar ruins your immune system giving you less energy and vulnerable to illnesses.
  • Sugar give your wrinkles
    •       High levels of glucose in your blood create Glycation (the binding of sugar to proteins,       which promotes aging).
    •       Glycation breaks down collagen and elasticity in your skin prematurely aging you.

Refined Sugars (Glucose)

Unfortunately, most of the food items today are made up of lots of grams of sugar and it's hard to get away from it unless you are meticulous about reading the ingredient label. The best way to stay clear of sugar is to stick to a "clean diet", which consists of only whole foods, which is anything that was grown out of the ground (except for GMO frank'n foods) or born into this world. Examples would be organic fruits and vegetables and proteins like eggs, pork, chicken, and fish. A good rule of thumb to follow when shopping at the grocery store is to shop only the perimeters of the store, which carries whole food type of food items and stay completely away from the middle aisles that usually carry processed foods. Remember, if it comes out of a box, then it's probably not that healthy or nutritious for you. It's always better to eat fresh fruits and veggies and it's easy and cheaper to buy them at your local farmer's market. I know that it is much cheaper in Hawaii to buy at the Farmer's market compared to the same thing at Safeway or Foodland. And, if your in Honolulu, Chinatown is also a cheap place to purchase fruits and veggies, but beware of the rats! haha, then again that's what us locals like to call "flava" (flavor).

Shop the Perimeters of the Grocery Store for a Clean Diet.
References: "This is Why You're Fat" by Jackie Warner
                   "Dr. Denese's Secrets for Ageless Skin" by Dr. Adrienne Denese

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