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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Big Shout Out to my Girl, Ka'iulani Carr, Miss Waikiki 2014!!!!

It's the last day of the year and so many things have happened so fast and furious! No pun intended....Rest in Peace Paul Walker, you gorgeous surfing kane.

Although there are so many things to comment about, I really want to take the time to Congratulate my dear friend, fellow dancer, and sometimes partner in crime, Miss Ka'iulani Carr for taking home the Miss Waikiki crown on December 29, 2013!! I'm sending you a big "CHEEEEEEWHOOOOOOO!!" (I really don't like it when wahines say that, but I knew you'd appreciate it).

Ka'iulani also won Miss Ala Moana USA earlier this year and came in 3rd place for Miss Hawaii 2013. Huge accomplishments back to back!!

For those of you who don't know her, Ka'iulani is the most beautiful hula and polynesian dancer. She not only has the perfect dancers body with her long and lanky physique, she also has impeccable timing and is truly a "natural" when it comes to dancing. She dances with all of her heart and you can't take your eyes off of her when she is on stage.

In addition to being mad talented, she is also extremely funny, witty, and a great actress. I wish I had a video of every crazy skit we've done impromptu in our dressing rooms because they could have very well been youtube sensations hahaha. And, not only is she a riot, but she is also very intelligent, educated (Kamehameha woot woot!), and knowlegable about everything in general, including Hawaiiana. But what I respect the most about Ka'iulani is her strong MANA (spirit). Meaning no mattter what is going on in her life, she always has a smile on her face, a spring in her step, and a great attitude.

Did I mention she is drop dead gorgeous?! I didn't think I needed to point that out, but the girl has the most amazing skin. She doesn't do much to it to take good care of it and it always looks flawless. This is when you can thank your parents for good genes. Gotta love that Hawaiian and Irish skin.

Congratulations Ka'iulani!!! You're a true Princess and all your hard work is well deserved!!!!

p.s. let me know when your ready to "thread" those caterpillars and "sugar"your underarm vana teehee!!


Ka'iulani Carr: Miss Waikiki 2014, Miss Ala  Moana USA, & 3rd Runner Up, Miss Hawaii.
Taking a break in a photo booth from a gig at The Blaisdell Center.
Goofing Off

Back stage dressing room at The Hawaii Theatre, downtown Honolulu.

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