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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Evergreen Beauty = Maintenance!!!

I'm always fascinated by women who seem to have the fountain of youth. How do they stay so evergreen? What's their secret? The secret is MAINTENANCE. You have to be very disciplined when it comes to your beauty and health regimens. No matter how tired you are - you just gotta do it! I was lucky to have older friends in the entertainment business that role-modeled these good habits for me and I've passed that down to younger dancers that I've worked with. Now, whenever they see me, they say, "maintenance, maintenance, maintenance!"  It's my mantra! 

There seems to be a common thread in maintaining a youthful appearance and having more vitality. Some famous female celebrities that demonstrate these traits are Courtney Cox (48yrs), Elle Macpherson (50yrs), Halle Berry (46yrs), Cindy Crawford (47yrs), and Mimi Kirk (73yrs). 

Here are some Maintenance Tips:

*Eat a vegetarian diet. 

Mimi Kirk is famous for being  a 73yr.old vegetarian and looking 20 years younger. 

*Eat a low fat, low carb, low sugar diet.

Most celebrities follow this diet anyway, but especially Halle Berry who is diabetic. 

*Have a strict and religious skin care regimen

Courtney Cox and Cindy Crawford are religious about their daily skincare and using sunscreen. They also are not afraid to admit that they use preventive care like botox to help as well.

*Exercise often

Elle Macpherson reported that she does some type of sport activity every day and has done so her whole life. Courtney Cox also commented that she plays tennis every week for the last 20 years. Cindy Crawford exercises at home in between chores and Halle Berry works out with her trainer. I've been dancing for 20 years plus and it has really helped me maintain without even trying. In other words, Use It or Lose It! 

*Do yoga

Being flexible will also help you to remain evergreen and keep you healthy mentally, physically, and internally. Where the mind goes, the body follows. 

*Juice and/or take vitamin supplements

I strongly suggest that you juice over taking supplements, but if you can't do that you need to get your nutrition somewhere and there's no way your going to get everything  your body needs by just having meals alone. It's just the bad FDA world we live in today unfortunately. Put in lots of dark leafy greens with an apple or pear and you will never know that your drinking a bunch of veggies - it's that good! 

*Drink LOTS of water

We all know this is good for our skin, but it's also excellent for providing energy and vitality to our bodies. I'm totally guilty of not drinking enough water and can go all day without even thinking of it so don't feel bad if your guilty too.

*Laugh a lot

That's right, life is supposed to be fun and not so serious, so laugh often and you will have less stress and frown wrinkles. 

Courtney Cox (48yrs)

Elle Macpherson (50yrs)

Halle Berry (46yrs)

Cindy Crawford (47yrs)

Mimi Kirk (73yrs)

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