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Monday, July 15, 2013

The Beauty Detox Solution for Beauty & Anti-Aging

I've been wanting to blog about Kimberly Snyder's book, "The Beauty Detox Solution" for some time now as I had previously mentioned in my blog about the documentary "Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead."

If you don't already know who Kimberly Snyder is, she is a New York Times best selling author and go-to nutritionist for many celebrities. She is a clinical nutritionist and beauty consultant. She has been featured on the Dr. Oz Show, The Today Show, Good Morning America, etc., etc.  She famous for her "Green Glowing Smoothie" and has recently opened a a juice bar called Glow BIO in L.A.

 The Beauty Detox Solution is basically working on the body from a cellular level, which increases energy, achieves mental and physical balance, and gives you beautiful hair and skin naturally. In other words, there is No Need for chemicals from beauty products, energy drinks, or supplements to be beautiful and healthy!

Kimberly's philosophy is that "your outer beauty is a reflection of your inner health." Basically, you ARE what you EAT!

So, I'm going to save you the time from reading the book and tell you the nitty gritty.

The Beauty Detox Solution believes in  Food Pairing.  Many diets out there also believe in this, such as The Gracie Diet (food combinations), which I will blog about later. Food Pairing is eating only certain foods together. This process allows your body to digest your food faster and give your more energy (hence, this is why jiu jitsu guys do this) and you will feel fantastic.

Beauty Rule #1 - Your body can properly digest only one concentrated non-water containing food at a time in order to maximize digestion. For example, if you eat chicken and beef at the same time it will take twice as long to digest your food and it is a huge energy drainer. Kanak Attack!!
*non-concentrated foods are ripe fruits and non-starch vegetables, everything else is a concentrated food.

Beauty Rule #2 - Proteins and Starches DO NOT mix. Again, it takes longer for the body to break down these foods together because protein needs an acidic stomach environment to digest and starch needs an alkaline environment, which can't happen at the same time without it taking much longer to do!! Then you get the Kanak Attack again! No energy and just plain lethargic.

Beauty Rule #3 - Vegetables are neutral and simple for the body to digest. Eat as many veggies as you want!!!!

Beauty Rule #4 - Mixing Starches is Okay. For example, you can eat quinoa and sweet potato together.

Beauty Rule #5 - Mixing 2 different types of animal protein is NOT Okay. It just takes too long to digest and it will end up rotting in your stomach....ewwww!

Beauty Rule #6 - Fats should be eaten moderaltely with protein (animal & plant), but are okay to eat with carbohydrates. For example, you would not eat a lot of nuts and a large avocado. This could prevent efficient weight loss.

Beauty Rule #7 - Fruit should be eaten on an empty stomach. Fruit breaks down the quickest of all foods, but when it taken after foods that take longer to digest it will ferment and acidify the whole meal.

Following this diet will also help to slow down the aging process by increasing your energy, giving you a lean and toned body naturally, and beautiful skin and hair.

Dr. Norman Walker, a pioneer in raw foods and juicing, was quoted in Kimberly's book.
"The greatest friends of old age are fermentation and putrefication. Both of these are natural processes of disintegration. That is why they speed up the aging of people." He lived physically and mentally healthy up to the age of 99 when he died a natural death in his sleep.

*For those of you who don't know what a "kanak attack" is, it's when you eat a large meal, usually a "plate lunch" that consists of rice, meat, and macaroni salad, and all you want to do after is fall asleep under a coconut tree.

Now that I've been juicing for several months now, I'm ready to try something new. I'll give this a go for a month and let you know my critique on it.  Aloha! xoxo


  1. “Basically, you ARE what you EAT!” — Absolutely true! Obtaining lasting beauty will really be an easy thing to achieve, only if we learn to take good care of our health properly. I think it’s all about balancing the food that we eat.

    George Chambers

    1. Mahalo George for your comment! Blessings.....xoxo